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This section will feature the cream-of-the-crop, the best of the best when it comes to unitedcypher productions.  New to the site?  This is the perfect way to get an introduction to what we do!

"unitedcypher presents" is our show of other shows like Anime Alphabet and Fallout Forecast as well as older improv radio where nearly anything can happen, though it's mostly a compilation of our collective life experiences mixed with a bucket of lies and half-cocked accents.   

Anime Alphabet Series Wrap-up

The end of this series a good place to start.  Join Evan and DeHart as they reflect back on the completion of this 6 month project with special guest Cheats.  They relive some of the ups and downs of titles covered during the run of the show and serves as a good preview before going back and starting from the beginning.


The Mysteries of the Universe are unveiled!  Join ex-scientist and Poleitsher Prize winning war correspondant Paul Miller as he interviews a war veteran who was allegedly abducted and brain-raped by aliens, the publisher and co-author of a book on the aforementioned brain-rape, and a skeptic who thinks that both of them are denying the truth.... About Spacesquatch! 


"Motion Picture Meltdown" is a movie review podcast without the sponsors or the prestigious hollywood trappings.  It is produced by Stephen and hosted by Stephen, Philip, Cheats, and DeHart along with the occasional guests.  It's a fast paced show that's hilarious from start to finish.

Ep 139 - The Safe Word Is Banana Pudding!

Welcome back to Not-So Superhero September for Motion Picture Meltdown! We continue our theme with a couple of crappy super-hero movies from the 90's. Phil, DeHart, and Stephen get together with Joel Mengel from The Pod People Podcast once again to roast through Sam Raimi's Darkman as well as Blankman.

Ep 206 - I Murdered Your Father, Wearing Your Father.

This week we kick off the new year by roasting through a couple of John Woo action "classics" from the 1990's. We go over the 1993 hit starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Hard Target as well as John Woo's follow up from 1995, Face/Off.

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Motion Picture Meltdown

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UCP - Paranoramnolaly (Flashback)

A new program from our "sister station" WTTS : The Tits! If you've ever sat up late at night, gazing at the stars above you, or out at that spooky graveyard just around the corner, then this show is for you. Full of real experts who have a somewhat firm grasp on the metaphysical, skeptics who will rock your brain with ideas you have never considered, and assholes trying to sell you shit that no one really needs.

Hosted by "Friend of the Cosmos" Paul Miller. On this week's show, Paul interviews a war veteran who was allegedly abducted and brain-raped by aliens, the publisher and co-author of a book on the aforementioned brain-rape, and a skeptic who thinks that both of them are denying the truth.... About Spacesquatch!

This is a repeat, but it's doesn't show up on iTunes so fuck it and stay tuned for new episodes.

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UCP S4E23: Audio Crime (Distracted Edition)

This week on Unitedcypher Presents, Evan and DeHart go solo on the newly released Grand Theft Auto V, talk about some real life crimes ripped from the headlines, and plot their own hypothetical hiests with the provision that they can do one thing outside the current realm of possiblities.  Give it a listen.

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Welcome to Unitedcypher Presents. Scientists are working towards a future where head transplants are possible and in this week's show Evan, Shane, and DeHart debate how that would work based on no facts whatsoever which lead to the birth of a glorius idea, The Sharkrangutan©. And as if that weren't enough, there are also carnivorous plants and the podcast fodder that is Florida. Give it a listen.

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UCP S4E17: The Church of Truckasaurus

Put on your finest mustache.  It's time for Unitedcypher Presents with  Evan, Shane, and DeHart.  Listen as they start a religion, participate in their own mustache think-tank, and look at (and comment on)  the world's most bizarre O-face all in anticipation of the man who would be king, the $92 quadrillionaire dude.

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UCP S4E16: I'm Not That In To Mummies

Unitedcypher Presents returns with Stephen "The Roast" Rosenberg of Motion Picture Meltdown for another week.  In this episode, we pitch a show of sexy mummies, debate inside furnature in yards, and talk about the (upcoming) Bill Oberst Jr. interview on MPM.  Check it out.

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